This is Jenny's story


Cheeky and beautiful, that is what Jenny From The Block is all about. This young, light-hearted, slightly rebellious brand from Amsterdam designs and digitally sculpts jewelry, in collection and custom made pieces by request, that is later 3D printed in various precious metals.

The brand is imagined, founded and run by me, Janna Meijer. I'm a twenty something designer with crazy, curly locks and a degree from Design Academy Eindhoven. Every thing I do, every piece I make is a product of a curious mind, a keen eye, a skilled digital hand and a quiet giggle.

I think that there is a beauty and freedom in digital crafting. The computer and the sketchpad are merely tools to extend the capabilities of our human bodies, just like Inspector Gadget. Forgive the cartoon reference. They simply allow us to craft beyond “humanly possible”. It gives me the freedom to imagine, to shape, to detail beyond what my hands would be able to do. I can do (almost) anything I want. And I love it.

That freedom is really where the collection started. It all began with an avocado. I best admit now, I’m an addict, and I simply could no longer walk around this earth without wearing an avocado around my neck. With the avocado came The Sweet Series, a collection of cut pieces of fruit. Because it is fun, beautiful, and why the hell not? After The Sweet Series, I was inspired to do something quite the opposite. Thus The Signature Series was born, a growing selection of made-to-measure rings, minimalistically shaped and beautifully executed.

Jenny From The Block makes all her pieces made to measure, if requested. The brand states that all jewelry is personal, and therefor should be treated as such. Jewelry, like fashion, or art, is an expression of your true self. It reflects who you are. That is also the greatest thing about my job. I get to meet amazing people, and I get to make them something truly special.

So no, there is no greater purpose, no world-saving reason that I do this. There’s no great story, no grand lifes purpose to explain my brand. It’s just me. A (maybe not-so) regular girl, who loves jewelry. Loves wearing it, loves making it and loves sharing it with people that will enjoy it as much as I do.

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